Maverick geniuses and highly talented eccentrics come with the territory in rock'n'roll. But despite having worked with artists, mostly gloriously unpredictable, all global legends, Rod MacSween's unflappable style convinces you that this cricket obsessive could expertly play a straight bat at any problem an artist cared to throw at him.

He has pretty much seen it all in over the years booking bands, and still represents, a dazzling roster of legends. His career began when he put on iconic acts like Pink Floyd and The Who while he was Social Secretary at Exeter University from 1969-72. "Back then even some of the biggest bands still played colleges,” he says, “and we had 1800 capacity so we were able to pay a bit more. Well, I say a bit more, we paid them £1000!" (see "First gig that blew you away").

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