Ozzy Osbourne’s career has spanned four decades and his music is as relevant today as ever. On any given day you can hear his music blasting at sporting events, in the movies, on the radio, in TV commercials, video games or on your iPod. Ozzy’s not only a legend and an icon, but is a pioneer in his genre of music. He has helped open the door for countless bands by giving them their big break by taking them on tour or by taking them on Ozzfest, his all-day metal festival which is now in its 13th year. Ozzy also opened the door for celebrities to have their own reality TV shows (although I’m not sure he wants to take credit for that).

Ozzy has always been an innovator. He leads and others follow. He was the first front man to leave a hugely successful band and have equal or greater success as a solo artist. He was the first to have his own hard rock/metal touring festival. He was the first to have a celebrity-reality television program. There’s no doubt that Ozzy’s impact will be felt for generations to come.