Rod MacSween and Barry Dickins are co-Managing Directors of ITB, UK promoters and booking agents for an extensive roster of artists. We have a team of eight highly experienced live music agents plus a dedicated in-house promoter working side by side with Barry and Rod.

Senior Agents

  • Barry Dickins

    Having experienced a traumatic introduction to the world of work as a trainee stockbroker, Barry persuaded dad Percy Dickins (the entertainment entrepreneur who started the New Musical Express back in 1952) to recomme...

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  • Rod MacSween

    Maverick geniuses and highly talented eccentrics come with the territory in rock'n'roll. But despite having worked with artists, mostly gloriously unpredictable, all global legends, Rod MacSween's unflappable style co...

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  • Mike Dewdney

    “You can’t download a live gig,” says Mike Dewdney who, with over quarter of a century’s experience as an agent, has seen the music industry go through a fair few changes. “You can stick a recording on your ...

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  • Steve Zapp

    In a business so susceptible to short-lived trends, few have the courage to trust their instincts. But from his earliest days as a gig-goer, Steve Zapp realised that his gut feeling was pretty reliable when it came to...

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  • Liam Keightley

    Any young music fans eager to find a route into the music industry could do worse than follow Liam Keightley’s example. Despite doing a business course at college focusing on the entertainment industry, Liam soon fo...

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  • Kara James

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  • Lucia Wade

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  • ITB offer a service as promoters in the UK, if requested. Recently we've promoted artists including James Blake, Mumford & Sons, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam and Robert Plant