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ITB Showcase @ TGE

The annual ITB showcase at The Great Escape. Early arrival is advised to guarantee entry.

Thursday May 17th


Hailing from one of the world’s most isolated cities, twenty year-old West Australian Teischa is commanding attention with her gripping songwriting, natural gift for instrumentation and powerfully rich vocal. Combining her love of modern alternative pop, classical and soul music, Teischa delivers a full debut EP that offers up a silky, contemporary spin on classical technique, with each song as understated and charming as she is.


  • Thursday 17/05/2018  20:30 ITB Showcase
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@teischaabout 1 month

happy monday. i just put an item of clothing into the rubbish bin instead of the washing machine. hope your days going well x

Swimming Girls

Formed in Bath in their late teens Swimming Girls have been perfecting their early 80’s pop / Cure influenced sound for the last few months. Selling out venues in both Bath and Bristol the blonde haired 4 piece are ready to swim uptide and to smother you with their shimmering melodies, hooks and beauty.


  • Thursday 17/05/2018  19:30 ITB Showcase

Lily Moore

Some artists seem to come into the world fully formed, emerging seemingly out of thin air with a raw talent that can’t help but grab your attention. Lily Moore is one such artist. The 19-year-old singer/songwriter has come a long way from her beginnings busking on the streets of Brighton to supporting Tom Grennan on his 2017 tour.


  • Thursday 17/05/2018  21:30 ITB Showcase
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Jordan Mackampa

The Coventry raised, London based singer is the perfect combination of his Congolese roots and midlands upbringing. His soul soaked, deeply personal tracks swim in the sounds and stories of the cities he’s inhabited over the years. Inspired by his mother’s love of the great soul singers, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers and Curtis Mayfield, Jordan combines his timeless vocal with catchy melodies and heart felt lyrics to create a soulful sound which will enchant and uplift in equal measure.


  • Thursday 17/05/2018  22:30 ITB Showcase
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FOREVER CULT are a Leeds based fuzzed-up grunge poppers


  • Thursday 17/05/2018  23:30 ITB Showcase
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