Phil Etheridge, lead singer, lyricist and co-songwriter for The Twang is in suitably ebullient mood. The band have just come off stage from an unbelievably packed Jazz Café show on a Saturday night in high summer of 2013. The Twang are about to make another album, the follow up to what the media would term the ‘career redemption’ of ’10:20’ but to the band just the latest example of what they do.

‘It makes me laugh really. We don’t think about that anymore, we play our shows and we make our albums and that’s it. Since we started ’10:20’ me and Jon and Saunders have gone back where we started, playing and enjoying it and not caring about all that radio playlist and other stuff. We can go out and play to a thousand people or more and they all get it and that’s what matters now. We have fans sending us pictures of tattoos with the lyrics on and coming up to us at shows telling us how we’ve been their favourite band since they first heard ‘Wide Awake’. We’ve got new tunes and we want to make those and then we’ll write more.’

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