In a tattoo studio just off the main street in Bridgend, South Wales, five musicians are plotting the resurrection of rock’n’roll. They’re fanned out on a pair of sofas in the studio’s main room, surrounded by an array of award-winning designs that hang in frames from the walls.

There’s Shane Greenhall, a singer with a powerhouse voice and the quietly determined approach of someone who knows exactly what he wants. There are Ian ‘Shiner’ Thomas and Dave Winchurch, a pair of skate rat guitarists who wear their love of grunge and punk rock on their sleeves. There’s bassist Lloyd Wood, who, with his long hair and tattoo of five crows in flight, looks like he could have stepped out a stoner rock band. And there’s drummer Ronnie Huxford, a man who buzzes with restless energy and voluble sociability. As co-owner of the tattoo studio, this is his turf.

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