There are some people in this world who make model aircraft from matchsticks, others collect sports memorabilia and there's an 80 year old lady in Sussex who spends her spare time knitting woollen boobies. In 2012 a group of friends in Waterford got together and decided that they'd write one track a month for a whole year, releasing the music along with an accompanying video on Youtube as they went. Collecting stamps would never have suited this crowd, at least one of them would have tried to dissolve part of the collection on their tongue.

King Kong Company set about their task and actually managed to hit the target, 12 tracks and 12 videos in 12 months, making some new friends along the way. The band's plan had always been to finish out the year long project and celebrate with a one-off hometown gig. At this gig they'd play all twelve songs they'd written that year, and that would be that, back to coin collecting and bird watching.

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