Over the past few years, British singer/guitarist Jamie N Commons has shown an immense appeal that spans from earning the admiration of luminaries like Elvis Costello to seeing one of his songs made an unofficial anthem of the 2014 World Cup. Now with his latest output, the 27-year-old songwriter builds off the swampy, smoldering sound of 2013’s acclaimed Rumble and Sway with an even more fiery and volatile take on blues-spiked rock-and-roll. Largely self-produced in his home studio in London, Commons’s forthcoming self-titled EP unleashes a sublimely frenetic energy that makes his gritty songwriting and soulful vocal performance all the more powerful.

In bringing Jamie N Commons EP to life, Commons tapped into the spirit of the late ’60s proto-punk/garage rock that inspired his earliest attempts at making music. “The minimal production and the speed of the new stuff—that all goes back to my first band in high school, where we were wearing red skintight jeans and playing a million miles an hour and probably completely out of time and out of key,” says Commons, who grew up in both Chicago and London. “It’s like I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over the past decade and put it into something new that’s got all the excitement of when I first started out.”

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