Within the opening bars of his debut EP, 'I Will Be Cold Soon', it suddenly becomes very clear that 18-year-old singer/producer Jaime Isaac inhabits a space like no other emerging talent. While his voice may be flooring, his command of the piano arresting, and the delicate textures of his electronic production infectious, no one facet can explain the singularity of what he does.

Instead, rather its the atmospheres conjured and the unchartered territories explored within each little marvel of a track that comprise his unique vision. The space he creates is mind-bogglingly vast, and one where the brutalist greyscale of his native metropolis meets the warming slipstreams of his bucolic, often amphibious daydreams to alien effect. In his world near-choral incantations battle and marry with minimalist jazz tones, post-rock layering and swaggering beats and couplets in a way that's sometimes experimental, but always enveloping.

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