A Place To Bury Strangers have often been called "the loudest band in New York". This may very well be the case, but unlike much so-called "loud" rock and roll that's out there, APTBS is not loud simply for the sake of it.

The sonically overdriven sound they've accomplished is no clumsy accident, but a carefully cultivated and well-maintained entity all its own, fostered by an unbridled passion that's clearly evident in every live show they play and each recording they make. A Place To Bury Strangers does not so much play songs as allow them to pour out. They are songs about longing, heartbreak and confusion played extremely well and at a passionately loud volume.

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RT @dumdumllp: 昨日の衝撃的ライブの後、A Place to Bury Strangersは中国へ飛び立ちました!彼らの次の襲撃に向けて備えましょう!ご来場のみなさまありがとうございました。 https://t.co/KDQi6DhhH1