Special Events

ITB at SXSW 2015

ITB artists performing at South by Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas:

Monday March 16th

Buffalo Billards

Tuesday March 17th


Wednesday March 18th

Stereogum - Mohawk

Central Presbyterian Church

MFI Showcase @ Maggie Mae's Gibson Room


Black Heart

Brew Exchange

Radio Day Stage Austin Convention Center

Thursday March 19th

Parish Underground


Red Eyed Fly

Yahoo! Music Session

Esther's Follies

Buffalo Billards

BBC Introducing - Latitude 330


Auditorium Shores Stage Lady Bird Lake

Spider House

IFC Fairgrounds - Palm Park

The Blind Pig

Friday March 20th

Central Presbyterian Church

Sledge Hammer

St David’s Historic Sanctuary

BBC Introducing - Latitude 330

Licha's Cantina

Red 7

Fader Fort

Saturday March 21st



IFC Fairgrounds - Palm Park


Scoot Inn

W Hotel

Brandi Carlile

“Everyone needs to be risking something,” says Seattle-based singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile. She’s discussing the M.O. behind The Firewatcher’s Daughter, her stunning new release – her first for artist-friendly indie label ATO. The 12-song collection marks a triumphant return after a three-year recording hiatus, and her strongest, most rock & roll album to date.


  • Wednesday 18/03/2015  23:00 Central Presbyterian Church
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Delta Spirit

For Delta Spirit (vocalist/guitarist Matt Vasquez, multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Kelly Winrich, guitarist Will McLaren, bassist Jon Jameson, and drummer Brandon Young), the raw, nervy energy running throughout Into the Wide stems partly from the band’s return to the more free-and-easy approach they embraced in making their debut album, 2008’s Ode to Sunshine.


  • Tuesday 17/03/2015  01:00 Parish
  • Thursday 19/03/2015  23:00 Yahoo! Music Session
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Dry the River

Dry the River will release their second album, Alarms in the Heart, through Transgressive Records on Monday August 25th 2014.


  • Monday 16/03/2015  00:30 Buffalo Billards
  • Wednesday 18/03/2015  18:00 Brew Exchange
  • Thursday 19/03/2015  16:30 IFC Fairgrounds - Palm Park
  • Thursday 19/03/2015  21:00 BBC Introducing - Latitude 330
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The expansive, electric sound of Flagship was born one humid summer at a music festival in Illinois.


  • Wednesday 18/03/2015  21:45 MFI Showcase @ Maggie Mae's Gibson Room
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Ibeyi are 19 year old French Cuban twins, Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz. They are daughters of the late Cuban percussion Anga Diaz.


  • Friday 20/03/2015  21:30 Central Presbyterian Church
  • Saturday 21/03/2015  22:00 Bungalow
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Laura Marling

“I’ve always been told that I’m an old soul. And I’m not. I just have a deep voice and a stern face. I am actually young. I hadn’t had chance to stop and think about that before.”


  • Wednesday 18/03/2015  15:00 Radio Day Stage Austin Convention Center
  • Wednesday 18/03/2015  01:00 Stereogum - Mohawk
  • Friday 20/03/2015  20:45 St David’s Historic Sanctuary
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My Jerusalem

“Nobody ever paid money to see Harry Houdini escape being buried alive” says My Jerusalem founder and singer Jeff Klein. “They wanted the small chance of seeing him killed by the weight of the earth on top of him.”


  • Thursday 19/03/2015  17:00 Auditorium Shores Stage Lady Bird Lake
  • Thursday 19/03/2015  23:00 Red Eyed Fly
  • Saturday 21/03/2015  08:30 W Hotel
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PS I Love You

Some thoughts from others about our new album, 'Death Dreams':At its breathtaking peaks, Death Dreams is the Indie-Rock Record of the Year… - Paste


  • Thursday 19/03/2015  00:00 Parish Underground
  • Friday 20/03/2015  21:00 Sledge Hammer
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Sun Club

SUN CLUB formed in 2012 out of an old band, with the purpose of making people go insane (in a great way). Pulling from influences like The Beach Boys and Animal Collective, SUN CLUB creates an array of energetic noises


  • Thursday 19/03/2015  12:15 Red Eyed Fly
  • Thursday 19/03/2015  17:00 Spider House
  • Thursday 19/03/2015  23:00 Esther's Follies
  • Friday 20/03/2015  18:00 Licha's Cantina
  • Saturday 21/03/2015  13:30 Scoot Inn
  • Saturday 21/03/2015  15:20 Wonderland
  • Saturday 21/03/2015  18:50 IFC Fairgrounds - Palm Park
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In 1990 London's indie-rock guitar scene was developing a distinctive new psychedelic sound: swirling, dreamy, mysterious and very much of the British Isles. One band stood out by hot-wiring that sound with the subversive energy of some American bands of the era and that band was Swervedriver. They had the liquid distortion of shoegaze combined with the cool swagger of Hüsker Dü, Sonic Youth, and Dinosaur Jr - giving them a unique sound and attitude.


  • Thursday 19/03/2015  00:00 Emo's
  • Friday 20/03/2015  17:00 Red 7
  • Saturday 21/03/2015  22:00 Emo's
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The People The Poet

Having busied themselves for the last 2 years writing and recording tracks for their debut album ‘The Narrator’ , the song-writing process and studio time brought about a realisation that it was time to leave Tiger Please behind and start afresh the new year with the People the Poet. Fan submitted stories make up the body of the album and the weight of the bands responsibility to do the songs justice had forced a change.


  • Friday 20/03/2015  20:00 BBC Introducing - Latitude 330
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Tobias Jesso Jr.

In 2008 I moved to LA to play backup bass for a Pop singer. That job didn’t work out, but I ended staying in LA for four years. I returned to North Vancouver because my mother had been diagnosed with cancer (she’s better now). I wrote most of the songs on my album Goon about my time spent in LA. It was a reflection that included, like the most popular of love clichés, a tough break up.


  • Friday 20/03/2015  20:30 Central Presbyterian Church
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  • Wednesday 18/03/2015  20:00 Black Heart
  • Thursday 19/03/2015  20:40 Stubb's
  • Friday 20/03/2015  14:30 Fader Fort
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Night Riots

NIGHT RIOTS is setting the alternative underworld ablaze as swift and smartly as their brooding, melody rich and timeless songs have already endeared them to critics.


  • Wednesday 18/03/2015  20:30 Emo's
  • Thursday 19/03/2015  16:20 The Blind Pig
  • Thursday 19/03/2015  22:00 Buffalo Billards
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