Special Events

SXSW 2017

ITB artists performing at South by Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas:

Monday March 13th

Latitude 30

Swan Dive

Hotel Van Zandt

Tuesday March 14th



  • Creepoid | Part Time Punks Official Showcase 00:00

Scratchouse Backyard

Discover Showcase

Empire Garage

21st Co-Op

KUTX 98.9 Pop Up Sessions

Key Bar

Black Heart

El mercado

Scoot Inn

BD Riley's

Wednesday March 15th

The Iron Bear

  • Creepoid | SXSW International Shoegaze Offic... 01:00


Swan Dive

Lustre Pearl


Clive Bar

Scoot Inn

W Hotel

Thursday March 16th

Black Heart

Banger's Sausage House

Clive Bar

The Main

Stephen F's Bar

Crazy Ricky's

Whole Foods

Austin Convention Centre

Hotel Vegas

  • Creepoid | Levitation SXSW day party 16:45

The Ginger Man

Mohawk Austin

French Legation Museum

The Sidewinder

W Hotel

Friday March 17th

Brazos Hall

Hotel Vegas Patio

  • Creepoid | Panache, Burger Records and AGI P... 17:00

The Whip

Saturday March 18th

Swan Dive

El Sapo

BD Riley's


  • Weezer | Rachel Ray's Feedback Party (time tbc)


Weezer have released a new song entitled “ Feels Like Summer.” Following the band’s Grammy-nominated album Weezer (The White Album), which saw them expanding their classic


  • Saturday 18/03/2017  (time tbc) Stubb's Rachel Ray's Feedback Party
  • Friday 17/03/2017  00:00 Brazos Hall
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@Weezerabout 1 day

RT @rootsethiopia: Our field team heard the news about the Weezer charity T and they’re honored by this good cause. The team gathered round…

Alice Phoebe Lou

Alice Phoebe Lou's fiercely independent approach to her music has given the singer songwriter a creative confidence that shines through in her captivating vocals and stripped back music. Having developed her bluesy, folk sound busking on the streets of Berlin, Alice has caught the ears of a community of music lovers the world over with her honest storytelling and raw, beautiful voice.


  • Wednesday 15/03/2017  22:00 Swan Dive
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Annabel Allum

After years of relentlessly playing live, Annabel Allum released her debut EP, ‘Absent’ in August 2015. With early support from John Kennedy, The Line Of Best Fit & Gold Flake Paint word spread quickly about Annabel.


  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  23:00 Scratchouse Backyard
  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  23:00 Discover Showcase
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  17:15 Austin Convention Centre Flatstock Stage
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  20:00 Stephen F's Bar
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Los Angeles-based sister duo Jennifer and Jessie Clavin knew that things were going to be different for their band Bleached sophomore LP Welcome The Worms. Not only had they managed to charm world renowned producer and engineer, Joe Chiccarelli (Morrissey, The Strokes, Elton John) to join the sisters and their bassist Micayla Grace in the studio, but Jen and Jessie had been crawling out of their own personal dramas. Jessie was evicted from her house and scrambling, while Jen ended a torrid, unhealthy romance. While emotionally spinning, she dove head first into music. She struggled and escaped the pressures with drinking and partying, sometimes to excess, feeling like she was losing herself altogether.


  • Wednesday 15/03/2017  15:00 Scoot Inn Lagunitas Bugout
  • Wednesday 15/03/2017  18:00 Clive Bar Showtime House
  • Wednesday 15/03/2017  21:30 Lustre Pearl
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  12:30 Mohawk Austin
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  21:00 Banger's Sausage House StubHub Live
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If the previous decade was the age of the pop star, then we must now be in the age of producer. No one better exemplifies this than rising star Draper, who proves that producing is a true art form in its own right; with intelligent song writing and vibrant production, he is ready to take the music world by storm.


  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  01:15 Scratchouse
  • Saturday 18/03/2017  01:00 Swan Dive Patio
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Jamie Isaac

Within the opening bars of his debut EP, 'I Will Be Cold Soon', it suddenly becomes very clear that 18-year-old singer/producer Jaime Isaac inhabits a space like no other emerging talent. While his voice may be flooring, his command of the piano arresting, and the delicate textures of his electronic production infectious, no one facet can explain the singularity of what he does.


  • Monday 13/03/2017  15:00 Hotel Van Zandt Fader Pre-Fort
  • Monday 13/03/2017  23:00 Latitude 30 British Music Embassy
  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  15:30 Black Heart The Clif Bar Bash
  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  20:00 21st Co-Op I OH You
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  11:35 The Sidewinder
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Johnny Flynn

Johnny is an artist who has been led by his muse in an uncontrived fashion; his love for telling stories leading him to major theatrical and film roles, and along the way Queen Mab took him by the nose to realise certain musical dreams.


  • Thursday 16/03/2017  22:00 Black Heart
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Juanita Stein

She's seen the world Americanize, gentrify and divide like a broken heart during a decade of touring the globe with her band Howling Bells, now Juanita Stein returns with her first solo collection of songs about a pre-apocalyptic America.


  • Monday 13/03/2017  21:00 Swan Dive
  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  12:40 BD Riley's Sound Gallery 1
  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  15:00 El mercado Sun Radio Live Taping
  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  17:45 KUTX 98.9 Pop Up Sessions
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  16:30 The Ginger Man Gorilla vs Bear
  • Friday 17/03/2017  16:45 The Whip Friends of Nine Mile Records & Touring
  • Saturday 18/03/2017  15:20 BD Riley's Sound Gallery 1
  • Saturday 18/03/2017  17:00 El Sapo Music For Listeners
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Julie Byrne

JULIE BYRNE is a wanderer. Having counted Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Northampton, Massachusetts, Chicago, Illinois, Seattle, New Orleans and New York as her home in recent years. It's these travels that inspire and influence her most, giving us a glimpse inside her own quietly mystical world and her unique slant on the one the rest of us happen to inhabit.


  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  22:00 Empire Garage Stereogum
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  12:30 French Legation Museum Pitchfork
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  21:00 Clive Bar
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Matthew Logan Vasquez

2015 (The Year of The Ram) has been a year of major change for Matthew Logan Vasquez. He moved with his wife, Marthe, from Brooklyn to Austin, he saw the birth of his first child Thor, and after a decade since founding his critically acclaimed band, Delta Spirit, he’s finally decided to go it alone for the first time, with his solo debut, The Austin EP, to be released November, 2015 , and a full length LP, Solicitor Returns, to shortly follow in early 2016.


  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  17:00 Key Bar
  • Wednesday 15/03/2017  08:00 W Hotel KSGR Live From SXSW
  • Wednesday 15/03/2017  21:00 Bungalow
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My Jerusalem

“Nobody ever paid money to see Harry Houdini escape being buried alive” says My Jerusalem founder and singer Jeff Klein. “They wanted the small chance of seeing him killed by the weight of the earth on top of him.”


  • Thursday 16/03/2017  06:30 W Hotel KSGR Live From SXSW
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  21:00 The Main Spoon Curated Residency
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Night Beats

Night Beats play pure psychedelic R&B music that spikes the punch and drowns your third eye in sonic waves of colour. Theirs is a bastard blues, contorted and distorted into new shapes for 21st century wastoids - once tasted never forgotten. This is music to melt your sorry little minds.


  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  14:00 Scoot Inn Lagunitas Bugout
  • Wednesday 15/03/2017  01:00 Barracuda Modern Sky Showcase
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  17:20 Whole Foods Quantum Collective
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ROCK SOUND (UK) album review of CEMETERY HIGHRISE SLUM (8/10): “The swirling, wholly immersive gloom that’s become their signature provides the foundation. But it’s during the bolder, more aggressive moments that this record truly shines”


  • Tuesday 14/03/2017  00:00 Barracuda Part Time Punks Official Showcase
  • Wednesday 15/03/2017  01:00 The Iron Bear SXSW International Shoegaze Official Showcase
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  16:45 Hotel Vegas Levitation SXSW day party
  • Thursday 16/03/2017  19:30 Crazy Ricky's Ditto day party
  • Friday 17/03/2017  17:00 Hotel Vegas Patio Panache, Burger Records and AGI Present: Spring Break Boogie day party
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