Most often, albums are about what has happened, not what hasn't. Yet while the songs on 'There Is Only You', the third album from UK based trio The Xcerts, are very much rooted in personal his-tory and experience, they also double up as a premonition, a reaction to something that hadn't happened at the time the songs were written.

"The record, explains vocalist/guitarist Murray Macleod, "is about everything I've experienced in my life so far, basically this road that had taken me to this one person and everything that had beaten me up along the way. So the songs are basically about the past and how I've made some terrible mistakes, in romantic terms anyway, and learned a lot from them, which culminates in the last song on the record, 'There Is Only You'. That's about me getting to this point of finally being comfortable enough to be with one person for the rest of my life. But halfway through recording we took a break and the night I got home was the night she decided she didn't want to be with me anymore. We got back on Friday, and I went back to the studio on the Monday for the next three weeks to finish the album. So it's a weird twist to the tale of this record and I was completely lost in the second half of making the record."

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