Kicking off 2021, The Wrecks released their single “I Want My Life Back Now” along with their road trip-themed music video. The alt-rock quartet The Wrecks ended their busy 2020 on a high note, with the release of their new EP, Static. The four-song collection offers everything from upbeat dance tracks to ballads about longing for that one special person.

The release of Static follows up their long-awaited debut LP “Infinitely Ordinary” released May 1st, 2020 via Big Noise. Led by vocalist/producer Nick Anderson and rounded out by Aaron Kelley (bass), Nick “Schmizz” Schmidt (guitar) and Billy Nally (drums), The Wrecks created an album that jumps from the anxiety-inducing “Freaking Out” to the self-sabotage anthem “Fvck Somebody,” the heart-pounding “Out Of Style,” to the introspective ballad title track - and throughout it all, Anderson had one goal in mind. “Music has to be honest for me, before anything else,” he says. “All of our songs are through stories, the anecdotes all happened—that’s the only way I know how to write something that feels impactful.”

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