How do you cope with sky-scraping success? Specifically, how do you live with a song that was a giant, culture-puncturing hit, that won’t go away, that is still all over the radio and the terraces and stadiums, that remains as catchy and infectious and invigorating as it was when it was released seven years ago. You come up with an album such as ‘We Need Medicine’ – the third studio album due for release by The Fratellis on October 7th.

Jon Fratelli knows ‘that’ song you’re talking about is ‘Chelsea Dagger’. The Fratellis’ deathless breakthrough single is the song that set the band on the road to selling over a million copies of debut album ‘Costello Music’, , and to winning a Brit Award (Best British Breakthrough Act, as voted for by the listeners of Radio 1). But at the same time, he doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

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