Across the course of three self-released singles during the past year SOLAR EYES have proven themselves to be lowslung sonic explorers par excellence. If the likes of 'I See The Sun' and 'Acid Test' were indeed some kind of acid test of their booming rock'n'roll instincts and Tarantino-esque twangs then the 'Dreaming Of The Moon' EP continues the sun-dappled cinematic themes across its five beefily sensitive tracks. We're particularly smitten with the crisp rhythms and becalmed vocals of the title track, which remind us of the mighty ELO circa 'Time' and therefore continues the even mightier Birmingham theme.

Glenn Smyth leads the creative way, recording at the top of the stairs and within touching distance of the stars. He is ably flanked by Tom Ford and Seb Maynard-Francis, and together their SOLAR EYES sounds have so far picked up radio action from Steve Lamacq and Mickey Bradley, as well as reverberating support across the blogosphere - notably from - and you can hear why on the 'Dreaming Of The Moon' EP with its cool noddings to the muscular swaggerings of BMRC and messrs Morricone and Pizzorno.

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