What started as two friends popping into each other’s houses and then home studios, putting down an idea here and a melody there developed into a set of songs with a Christmas theme, then a theoretical album, then, following help from their friends on additional instruments and as backing voices, a real album with a release date and a title.

Tom Smith of Editors and Andy Burrows once of Razorlight and now I Am Arrows have been friends for years, classic drinking buddies whose pub visits frequently ended with them at either’s house talking about and listening to favourite songs or setting the music world to rights. Both share a love of the classic Christmas songs and a fascination with the idea of Christmas records of the past, good and bad. Feeling that the innocence of the Christmas song had been lost in commercial plans and TV-sponsored drivel, the plan to make a traditional Christmas record - the kind of album that goes on after Christmas lunch for a singalong and a slump on the sofa as the wintry weather peeks through the windows - took on a life of its own.

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