Raf Rundell was 23 years old when he first wrote a song taller than himself. There he was, working by himself in the studio, and suddenly he wasn’t alone anymore. The thing he had created filled the room. It was alive and it viewed its creator with indifference. While its intentions were unclear, it was clearly up to something.

This was the first step on the path which led to Rundell’s immense second album, O.M. Days. It has, admittedly, been a long journey. After years of working as a DJ, he formed the dance-pop outfit The 2 Bears with Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard. This was followed by the mini-album The Adventures of Selfie Boy Pt. 1 (2016) and his full length debut album Stop Lying (2018), which took his good-time party sensibilities, deepened the song writing and showcased an musician gleefully willing to experiment. Both of these were recorded without Rundell facing up to the fact he was becoming a solo artist. “I didn’t really admit to myself that’s what I was doing,” he says. “They were made here and there and cobbled together over a long period of time. It got to the point where I was kind of embarrassed about all the time I spent playing and experimenting and not having anything to show for all this time. I embarrassed myself into finishing and releasing them.”

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