Jon Fratelli’s second solo album, Bright Night Flowers, is coming less than a year after the release of the last Fratellis UK Number 5 album In Your Own Sweet Time. But more than that: Bright Night Flowers is brilliant. It features a selection of exquisite songs, largely written on piano that, in all the best ways, have something of the night about them.

Soul-noir, country-gothic, The Big ‘O’ meets The Big Easy, the Heart Of Saturday Night meets the West End of Glasgow… call it what you will, Jon’s second solo “joint” is a masterpiece, and a refreshing change of pace from the last band album. It’s about making things interesting and fresh for himself, and for listeners. The songs on the last Fratellis album largely began on a laptop, in a briskly spontaneous fashion. With this second solo album, Jon found himself sitting at an instrument he hadn’t played in a while.

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