When a band releases a self-titled album, it usually means one of two things: they feel like they’ve made their defining statement, or they ran out of ideas for album titles. For Blood Red Shoes, it’s happily the former. “I feel like this is the strongest thing we’ve ever done,” says Steven Ansell, drummer. “It’s the most honest fucking record we’ve ever made. It’s us completely naked.”

‘Blood Red Shoes’ is the band’s fourth album, but the first one they’ve self-produced, having previously worked extensively with Arctic Monkeys producer Mike Crossey (even if Ansell describes using him as a “hotline for when I messed stuff up in ProTools” during the making of this). It marks a shift not only in method, but in location, too: the album was recorded in Berlin. “We wanted to get out of England and write somewhere different,” says Ansell. “We settled on Berlin because it’s cheap, convenient and super easy to get a space to record. And loads of cool records have been made there.”

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