Enter a world where every sound is more than just an orchestrated coincidence. A place where chords are sparsely strung amidst meandering dreamscapes, and programmed drums and effects flirt with the melancholy of live musicians. Indulge in a panorama of uninhibited musical freedom, a murky depth of crystalline thoughts and muddled expressions. Embark to a realm where the journey is vastly more fulfilling than the destination, and once you arrive, you want nothing more than to turn back and rediscover every nuance of the voyage that got you there... Submit to Team Sleep.

What started as a couple of friends trading tapes in 1994 has since turned into a full-fledged band in 2005. With their self-titled debut album set for release on May 10 2005, through Maverick Recordings, TEAM SLEEP are prepared to finally unleash their project to the anticipation of both fans and critics alike.

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